hungry panda: Southside art feast

hungry panda — a collective of 16 artists brought together by Tash Khong — are launching their first exhibition on October 28th.

We talked to Tash about her artistic journey, the lead-up to this exhibition, and her ambitions for hungry panda.

Catch the hungry panda pop-up, 4-8 pm on October 28th at 4Dverse, Level 1, 118a Carlisle St, Balaclava. Entry is a gold coin donation.

South of the City: Tell us about your journey through the art world.

Tash Khong: I have always been interested, passionate and drawn to creative things from a young age, in particular drawing, painting, music and dance. I grew up with parents who always inspired and encouraged me with my creative hobbies.

I have been following these passions for most of my life as hobbies and creative outlets, although there was time when school, uni and pressure to get a ‘real’ job got in the way, that took my focus away from on my own creative projects.

Artist: Tash Khong

Artist: Tash Khong

Artist: Ameya Ajay

Artist: Ameya Ajay

hungry panda logo.png

This event idea was actually something I came up with in 2015 at uni for an assignment in a production management class, since then I’ve been wanting to make it happen but kept putting it off because I was anxious about it and didn’t know where to start. After finishing uni, getting a job was harder than I predicted so while working part time I thought this would be a good time to start working on my own creative projects and to start ignoring everything holding me back.

SOC: What led to gathering of all these artists for the pop-up?

TK: When I came up with the event idea I had envisaged having a really diverse range of styles and artforms so I started by asking my friends I know studying art, working as artists and friends who have creative hobbies knowing there would a lot of different mediums and aesthetics.

SOC: Who are the artists involved?

TK: At the moment there are 16 artists on the lineup, ranging from friends, mutual friends, family friends, family & one artist who I came across on Instagram. There's a range of artists pursuing their creative endeavours full time, students and talented hobbyists who use different types of artforms as a creative outlet outside their work schedules.

SOC: Is there a common underlying theme to the art being exhibited?

TK: The event doesn’t have a specific stylised theme, all of the artwork being displayed is all completely individual to each artist and will evoke different moods. The one thing I’m hoping people will take away from this event is inspiration to be creative and pursue hobbies and projects that keep being pushed aside.

SOC: What kind of mediums are present in the works?

TK: There is a variety of styles including drawings, film photography, fashion design, paintings and sculptures, within these mediums there is a big range of styles unique to each artist. I’m also hoping to lock in a live music act soon too.

SOC: What do you have planned going forward with this project? Future themes/exhibitions?

TK: Getting this event underway has given me a lot of ideas for future events. I’d love to put on more theatrical events that include elements of drag, burlesque and comedy as well as more art exhibitions.

Exhibiting artists:

Xenia Rivers

Xenia Rivers

Ameya Ajay
Anjelica Angwin
Becky Ingleton
Cara Best
Haley Violet
Ines Ting
James Kellock
James Khong
Jericho O’Shea-Playne
Kathryn Lucas
Katherine Gailer
Maya Le Bransky 
Sophia Khong
Tash Khong
Will Hawke
Xenia Rivers

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