Starting right now, South of the City is offering promotion for the events, venues and independent craftspeople that are raising the creative and cultural profile of the south. 

If you are running event, run a venue, or are an independent artist, designer or maker of any stripe, we want to help you with promotion!

We want good things to happen in the south, and we want people to know when they do.

If you know people who'd be interested, make sure they know!

To find out more, email us at

South of the City by a network of young people – musicians, artists, filmmakers and dancers – who are invested in supporting creative culture closer to home.

Since we started out in August 2017, we’ve grown South of the City into a closely-knit network of people who are excited about the cultural change sweeping through the southside.

We’ve translated the success of our events into traction on social media. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for the most up to date follower numbers.

If you engage with us, you’ve got access to these objective numbers – the untapped, local audiences on social media. More importantly, you’re also becoming part of the creative resurgence that is brewing down here. You’re becoming involved with the people that care the most about supporting culture in the south.

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