Volunteer with us! Events, media and culture roles are OPEN

Marketplace, Sam Carson

Marketplace, Sam Carson

We’re going through some big changes!

It’s been a year since we began and South of the City is expanding. We want to connect with everyone, to everything, and establish our place in the Southside’s cultural network.

This is your open invitation to be a part of it.

We’re looking for people who are excited by arts culture and are invested in the south, but of course we’re not expecting full-time commitment. We know study, work and/or your own creative outputs come first.

We’re offering volunteer roles that still look hot on a CV, but don’t feel like work at all. It’s about building a network of artists, musicians and other creative people, supporting them, and creating cultural infrastructure, southside.

It’s also about connecting with new people, new places and new experiences. We’re all interested in music, art, film and culture - get amongst it and make something happen.

That being said, if you want it to be about making connections, gaining industry experience or honing a skill-set, make it so. The nature of the work that South of the City does embeds us close to the artists, musicians, venues, local councils, arts media and organisations that comprise Melbourne’s arts culture.

zingo thing, Joon Youn

zingo thing, Joon Youn

Some jobs that need doing include:

  • Band booking

  • Design (pay per project)

  • Media relations

  • Art curating

  • Event management

  • Content creation

  • Photography (pay per project)

  • Grant applications

  • Writing, editing and publishing

  • Social media

  • Promotion

  • Website management

  • OR anything else you could offer

That’s an incomplete list - some suggestions to get you thinking. Feel free to whittle out your dream volunteer position and pitch it to us.

How much work you do on a week-to-week basis is up to you! If there are days/weeks/months you won’t be available, taking a step back from SOC is both understandable and expected. Again, we’re all in the same boat, and it’ll be as serious as you make it.

If you’re interested, or would just like to know more, send an email to hello@socmelb.com.

Ebben Saunders at SS18 fundraiser, Sam Carson

Ebben Saunders at SS18 fundraiser, Sam Carson

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